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TouchGraph is hiring! We’re looking for people who are excited about interfaces and visualization.

Please send a resume and samples of your work to .

User Interface Developer

  • Responsibilities:
    • Design and Implement Swing GUIs
    • Customize appearance of graph, nodes, edges, labels, images
    • Implement layout and graphic design
    • Improve user interface and navigation
  • Skills: CS degree. Job experience with graphics and Java 2D, solid understanding of Swing MVC and LAF. Interest in UI design and methodologies. Artistic ability.

Java Algorithm Developer

  • Responsibilities:
    • Implement high performance algorithms for data processing and analysis
    • Write clean, efficient code that optimizes speed and memory use
    • Customize data model for new applications
    • Implement text analysis algorithms for handling messy meta-data
    • Parse input data and format export data
    • Set up local databases
  • Skills: CS Degree, concentration in Algorithm design and Analysis. Expert with Software Architecture, Design Patterns. Knowledge of Java 1.5, Eclipse, XML tools, Databases design, Java Applets, Text Analysis.

Server Side Developer

  • Responsibilities:
    • Aggregate data from Web Service APIs and RSS feeds
    • Host public databases (IMBD/WordNet/DMOZ)
    • Write Web APIs for local / client side databases.
    • Create Web 2.0 front ends using AJAX
    • Write APIs for Wikis / modify Wiki code.
    • Maintain CVS/Subversion.
  • Skills: CS Degree. Expertise with Databases, XML technologies, Web services: REST / SOAP / XML-RPC / RDF / RSS, Linux, Widows, Apache, Perl / Php/ Python, Web 2.0 website design / AJAX, Wikis, CVS/Subversion.

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User Interface Developer Java Algorithm Developer Server Side Developer