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Make rapid use of your information by navigating it visually, discovering patterns, and quantitatively analyzing what you observe.

See the Big Picture:

  • See the big picture within thousands of search results. Discover clusters and interrelations within your data, and zoom in on whatever catches your interest
  • Follow the data by expanding your search around specific topics, or making the search broader when you don’t know exactly what you are looking for
  • Access a variety of information sources – TouchGraph can connect to local or remote databases and can read data from XML files, Excel sheets, and many other formats

Discover Patterns:

  • Visual cues such as size, shape, and color indicate items' categories, relationships, and relative importance
  • Proprietary layout techniques produce aesthetic arrangements that reveal the patterns hidden within your data
  • Get a new perspective by "grabbing" and moving items of interest. The graph responds to your actions instantly, arranging itself into new, meaningful orientations

Refine Your Results:

  • Control what is displayed in the graph using a wide range of well-organized filters and settings
  • Show or hide nodes based on their type and attribute thresholds
  • Navigate by moving a local field of view within the larger graph

Analyze and Create Reports:

  • See numerical analysis in tables that reflect the graph. Interaction with the tables is mirrored in the graph, and vice versa
  • Analyze your results with a range of algorithms, including cluster detection and centrality ranking
  • Create reports by exporting the tables and graph to Excel sheets, images, and other public formats

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From overview to analysis, our solutions reveal more about your data at every level.

Our versatile visualization platform can be customized to intuitively fit your industry and workflow.

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